History of the Pizza Planet Truck

It takes time to let the dough rise.


Marco Bongiorno
El Penguin

"Over twenty years of experience convincing his friends to get involved with various projects-the truck just happens to be themost successful one so far..."

Tyler Garland
Title. Whatever it is.

"He works and fights, stays up all night to celebrate the day. He don't care (He don't care!). If you like to gamble, he's your man."

Christiana Blomgren
Supreme Leader

"Frequent companion on Disneyland research trips, possesses a knack for pointing out simple solutions to silly problems."

Felixx Cho
Jimahajer Garage

"Owner/operator of Jimahajer Garage.
Drives a 2011 Toyota Tacoma.
Handles an APBT, also named Tacoma.
All about Tacomas; but is not from Tacoma, WA.
Probably needs a new hobby."

Sarah Sterling
Walt Disney Imagineering

"Disney Youtuber for 10 years.
Joined forces with the Pizza Planet Truck crew after meeting the gang at theD23 Expo in 2013. Today, Sarah works at Walt Disney Imagineering and loves seeing what a star the Pizza Planet Truck has become."

Sean Beamon
Insert Title.

"Forever Camera ready, always camera shy, Sean remains a close friend to the project. After helping to host and fabricate the dream that is our pizza planet truck, Sean opened many restaurants around the country. His wit, humor, and appreciation for each moment will always be missed around the truck, but you can always catch his attention with a quick YO!"

Will Brown
Wheelman/Camera Operator

"Graphic/motion designer and overall creative human."

Jacob Ricchio
The Connection

"With the project since Day 1, promoting motivation, inspiration, and collaboration. His primary role is as designer and engineer of the Pizza Planet Truck and props. Secondary roles include road trip planning and documentary story boarding."

Colin Hesterly

"Some say his moustache can smell fear."